Technic is a household name in the world of makeup cosmetics products. This is an award winning, cruelty free makeup brand born in the UK. They have a variety of products. 

For face makeup , they have TECHNIK MEGA GLOW HIGHLIGHTER, PRO FINISH SERUM FOUNDATION, MIST SETTING SPRAY. They believes you can have selfie-ready looks every time with their huge range of face products. Technic

From Pro Eyeshadow Palettes, lengthening mascaras and liquid eye liners, they have the perfect products to make your eyes centre stage! TECHNIC INVITE ONLY PRESSED PIGMENT PALETTE, TECHNIC PRESSED PIGMENT PALETTES, TECHNIC MEGA LASH WATER RESISTANT MASCARA, TECHNIC PRESSED GLITTER PALETTE- MARMAID and  more others they have.

TECHNIC RETRACTABLE LIP LINERS, FRUITY ROLL ON LIPGLOSS,  ROLL ON FRUITY LIPGLOSS BUNDLE, COSMETICS SLEEP LIP MASK, COSMETICS SLEEP LIP MASK etc. they have a variety of lip products by which you can make gorgeous pout every time. 

TECHNIC FALSE NAILS – SQUARELETTO MATTE NUDE, FALSE NAILS – NUDE HOLOGRAPHIC STILETTO, FALSE NAILS – STILETTO MATTE BURGUNDY etc. for nails makeup. Whether you’re looking for the latest shade trend or an old favourite, Technic range of nail products are certain to have what you need to match your look.

Technic has products for body , skincare ,tanning etc. at an affordable price. It is inclusive to all, and they believe makeup should be a celebration of you!

Their products are not and will never be tested on animals. Animal testing of cosmetic ingredients and finished products is banned in UK and Europe. The manufacturer of cosmetics is governed by the European Union (EU) Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009).

Technic wholeheartedly supports and adheres to these regulations. They have a dedicated regulatory team committed to ensuring that all of their products abide by the ethical and physical standards required to sell Cosmetics both in the UK and Europe.