The Body Shop Products in Bangladesh 

The Body Shop products were first introduced by  Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton, England in 1976.

Her belief was in something revolutionary: that business could be a force for good.

For 40 years, The Body Shop products have been treated as one of the most trusted brand products among Women and girls in the World. The-Body-Shop


The Body Shop products are made believing in the beauty of the planet and the good in people.

Nature is suffering at our hands, whole species are becoming extinct in our lifetimes, and our society remains desperately, deeply unfair and unequal.

Dame Anita Roddick, built The Body Shop  to fight for what is good, and just, and beautiful. 


The Body Shop beliefs Feminism is in their bones; Their feminist principles include everyone, and they believe that equality benefits everyone.

They are committed to advocating self-love and body acceptance, and through their activism, they campaign to make the world a fair and safe place for women and girls.


The Body Shop want to ban the cruel practice of animal testing in cosmetics forever

They have been fighting for the rights of animals since 1989. For that reason The Body Shop Products are cruelty free. 


The Body Shop products undergo massive testing for being sure products are safe, effective and animal-friendly.

The Body Shop uses three main testing methods involving computer data and laboratory-created tissues.

All cosmetics companies can use these kinds of animal-friendly testing methods.

In-silico (computer-based) analysis uses readily available, existing data to help to assess the suitability of similar materials through extrapolation.

Laboratory-produced skin is grown from human skin cells. It allows them to conduct safety checks on cells that react in virtually the same way as human skin, without harming any people or animals.

Finally, to ensure good tolerance on people,  they will often test their products using patch testing.

This involves placing a very small amount of product on a person’s skin to ensure that it is safe and effective, usually at the final stage of testing a new formula.

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