TRESemme is the household name in the world of hair care products. Edna L. Emmé founded the brand in 1948 delivering the feeling TRESemmé understands how great hair gives you the confidence to walk taller every day. 

TRESemmé has the highest quality ingredients to create safe, science-backed, professional-quality formulas to give you salon quality hair at home.Tresemme

TRESemmé formulated their products with a salon-quality approach, so you can look and feel your best every day.

All of their formulas are rooted in proven science. They use innovative ingredients and breakthrough technologies so you can achieve salon-quality results at home. 

Whatever your hair needs, you can have complete confidence that TRESemmé products will help you achieve your desired look and style while adhering to the highest global safety and quality standards.

Standard evaluations they conduct on their products prior to going to market include:

Stability testing: testing done to ensure that consumers will get a quality product that is safe and stable for use under different temperature and humidity conditions.

Safety assessments: a review of what ingredients are used in every formulation and in what quantity. This helps make sure that they only use what is needed to provide safe and effective products.

Eco Design review: review of environmental impact and compliance with sustainability targets. 

Microbiological testing: tests that the product is preserved for the duration of its shelf life. This ensures that no microorganisms, bacteria, and mold are growing in  products.

Regulatory assessment: ensures that our products, their ingredients, how it is manufactured and labeled comply with all federal and state laws.

Fragrance testing: consumer or expert panel testing on any new fragrances used within their products

TRESemme policy prohibits animal tests for products and the ingredients used in them, anywhere in the world.  Over 40 years ago Tresemme’s parent company, Unilever, started developing and using non-animal methods to assess product safety. 

Unilever’s ongoing work on alternatives to animal testing, and its commitment to advocate for their acceptance globally, has also been recognized by PETA, which lists Unilever as a company working for regulatory change.