Hair fall might be the consequences of the presence of excessive dandruff on your scalp and hair.

The deficiency of essential vitamins and other nutrients also contribute to hair fall.

For example: vitamin B 7 for Hair Growth is called Biotin. If you face a gradual decrease in the volume of your hair, it might be the consequences of Vitamin B7 deficiency.

On the other hand, Vitamin C supplies antioxidants to your hair and enables it to deal with free radicals or any kind ageing or environmental stress.

At the same time, it stimulates the production of Collagen, an essential protein that holds the dermal layer of hair with hair follicles together and prevents hair fall and ageing stress on your hair.

If your hair does not get a sufficient intake of vitamin C, the production of collagen will decrease.

These all together would contribute to hair cell damage and the development of free radicals. As a result, hair fall and split-ends problems may occur.