Oily hair occurs when excess sebum develops in our scalp. Normally sebum acts as a natural conditioner for our hair so that the individual threads of hair get protected from any unwanted breakage or damage. But if we do not care for our hair or scalp regularly, the hair follicles get clogged by the excess sebum.  As a result, often the scalp faces infections like the presence of a waxy element in the scalp, swelling and pain in the hair follicles, odour in the hair strands with an oily and greasy appearance etc. So we should do scalp care regularly to get rid of oily hair. There are lots of hair care products to get rid of this type of hair. But it is very difficult to find the original & authentic hair care products in Bangladesh. Nothing to worry about. Our online shop Water Lotus has a nick stock of  these hair care products like Herbal Essences Daily Detox Shine White Tea & Mint Shampoo, L’oreal Paris Extarordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo, Xpel Tea Tree Shampoo, Xpel tea Tree Conditioner, Herbal Essences Daily Detox Shine Conditioner, Neutrogena T/Gel Oily Scalp Anti Dandruff Shampoo etc to treat oily hair. So please visit https://www.waterlotusbd.com/product-category/hair-care/hair-concern/oily-hair/  to get your desired hair care products. If you make a purchase of a hair care product of any renowned global brand through Water Lotus In Bangladesh, be sure that we supply hundred percent original, authentic and genuine products. Our valued clients’ satisfaction is our utmost priority. We promise to never compromise with our customer goodwill