Eye Makeup Products for Beautiful Eyes

Eye Makeup makes your eyes noticeable, beautiful and attractive. Actually it is an art. Almost all women and stage performers love it. Because it instantly changes your entire look. And gives you a fierce, fabulous out-looking. But this gorgeous look totally depends on the right  knowledge to wear it . Neither will it ruin your day.

Types of Eye Makeup

This is  different in types . Such as Natural, Halo, Gradient, Cut crease, Shimmery, Smoky eye, Cat-eye looking etc.

How to Do Eye Makeup

Firstly, always use an eye primer
Secondly, choose basic shades from eyeshadow. Go from lightest to darkest colour.
Thirdly, blend all the colours together.
Then, go for Perfecting your Lashes and Brows

Products for Eye makeup

Different types of products are used to make your eyes beautiful. Such as-

Kajal: Makeup lovers use Kajal on the waterline of the upper and lower eyelids. It makes your eyes beautiful.

Eyeliner: Women apply it over the eyelids either upper or lower. This will provide your eyes a smaller or wider appearance.

Mascara: It makes eyelashes thicker & darker.

Eye Shadow: It increases the beauty of eyelids. It is available in the market in different shades and forms.

False Eyelashes: This makes your eyes look bigger and more dramatic.
Eye Makeup Remover:   It easily removes the colour from your eyes.

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