Eyeliner is an eye cosmetics product which makes your eyes more fashionable and gorgeous. To highlight the eyelids or to change the look of the eyes eyeliners are used.

It contains special ingredients that apply color where it is needed in an accurate and controlled manner. The products are specially formulated to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply. 

These are very prominent among those who want to look themselves as bold and beautiful or simply fresh. Wearing this one can put her on different looks, it can be simple and fresh or bold with gorgeous. For looking best, it’s necessary to choose right one otherwise it will become smudge .

There are different types of eye-liners. They are-

  1. Pencil Eyeliners : One of the most prominent used eyeliner is the pencil eyeliner. These are quick and easy to use and master and are extremely beginner friendly. 
  2. Liquid Eyeliner : Perfect for creating bold and dramatic looks, the liquid eyeliner gives the most accurate and helps to create well-defined thin lines. These are tricky to master and need a very steady hand when creating delicate strokes. This type of liner tends to dry quickly, so avoid using it for soft, smokey looks that need a smudged eyeliner effect.
  3. Pen-eyeliner : If anyone wants the look of a liquid liner with the ease of a pencil liner, the sketch pen eyeliner is just perfect. The fine tip of the pen liner makes it easy to draw precise lines while the shape of a sketch pen makes it easy to use, even for absolute beginners. Tip pen liners usually have a smear proof and smudge proof formula that makes for an error-free application.
  4. Gel-Eyeliner-  Gel eyeliners are a makeup-lovers best friend as they are not only used to define the lash line but are also great for applying all over the lid as an eyeshadow base or smudging in the outer corner for a smokey eye makeup look. Gel liners have a high wax content and are waterproof and budget-proof.

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