Mascara is an Eye Cosmetic product which is used to make the eyelashes broad , increase the length and look dark. 

Types of Mascara

Waterproof Mascara: Waterproof mascara is the most popular  makeup cosmetics product in Bangladesh. Waterproof Mascaras don’t get smudged and stay long. It is best for monsoon time .

Thickening Mascara: This type of mascara helps to  add volume without the heavy and overdone look  for those with thin or limp lashes. 

Lengthening Mascara: It is suitable for short and scattered Mascara.  It helps to add length to the existing lashes. 

Curling Mascara- It helps to increase the natural curl of eye lashes. It’s thicker than other eyeliner which helps to carry the curl.

How to apply it?

Gently twist the back and forth or in circular motions to pick up the desired amount of product.

Firstly keep the eyelashes clean and make sure it doesn’t have any mark of Makeup. If the eyelashes are straight, make them curl with a lash curler.

Then gently shake the mascara to pick up the desired amount of product. Moving the applicator upwards for layering eyelashes from the base to the tip.

Then the tough part is to layer the corner of the eyes. The layering should be even in eye-lashes.

To avoid clumping of eye-lashes one can use a cleaning brush before it becomes dry. Finally for the final look apply the second layering in the eye-lashes.

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