BB Cream

BB Cream helps to hydrate, and protect the skin. It is well known as beauty balm/blemish balm cream in the beauty industry. Actually, this cosmetic product works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, blemish remover, and foundation all in one.

Benefits of BB Cream

  1. Good to protect skin from harmful UV rays of Sunlight.
  2. Heavy in texture.
  3. Provides light coverage.
  4. Gives the dewy and dazzling finish look.
  5. It doubles up as a moisturizer and foundation thereby ensuring that makeup looks smoother and makes it last longer.
  6. Tries to hide the unwanted spot of face.
  7. Best for dry skin.
  8. Can be used regularly as an everyday base make up.

Demerits of BB Cream

  1. You should need to read the packaging level before buying the products. Because the wrong product may lighten your skin.
  2. The SPF coverage will not provide you full sun protection.
  3. The moisturizing benefit does not fully cover the needs of super dry skin.

How to use BB Cream

Apply a decent amount of cream to cleansed skin. You can use a foundation brush, sponge, or fingers to blend and spread it over the face. Please add additional SPF products for long sun protection.  For more coverage, add some foundation also .

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