It is a makeup product , which works like an eraser of face. It erases the dark circles , unwanted spots in the face and makes the face appear even toned and flawless.Conceller

Types of concealer

Liquid concealer– It is the most famous product  to the users.

It helps to cover the dark circle of the eye and also adds brightness and brings glow to the skin.

Though it is for every skin type , those who have extreme dry skin can avoid this.

Cream Concealer– This is thicker than the liquid one, if  anyone wants heavy coverage to hide deep dark circles, acne or dark spots in skin , they can prefer to use cream type. 

For breakout-prone or sensitive skin, be sure to look for a cream concealer that’s oil-free, non-comedogenic and alcohol-free. 

Balm Concealer– It is highly preferable for those who have overmuch oily skin or dry skin .

It is thick and gives a balm-like stability , it stays for a long time and spreads glow in the skin. 

Stick Concealer– It offers a quick result if anyone is out of time. It gives instant ready vibes .

It has a semi-solid formula with medium coverage and gives a natural texture .

 Colour Correcting Concealer- If there is redness, sallowness or discoloration, try a colour-correcting concealer to even the skin tone. 

Different coloured of its can help to solve the uneven problem . 

How to use it?

Firstly,  select the perfect shade for the skin type. It have variety in shade and shape. 

Secondly, select your right concealer for you.

After selecting all this, prepare the skin.

Then apply it on other uneven spots on the face including the chin, and around the nose and mouth if it is required. 

Under eye circles and blend it perfectly in skin with a ring finger or brush .