Face Primer

Face Primer is a cosmetic  product that we use on our skin prior to foundation application and it can help with everything from evening out to make sure the foundation stays put throughout the day. 

Face Primer is a cream product which helps to keep makeup on for a long time and helps to express freshness and smoothness. 

What does a Primer do?

Face primer goes underneath the makeup and it helps to keep makeup smooth, stay in place and give complexion  an even looking skin tone.

Some Primers also give extra benefits, protection from external elements which harm our skin such as direct sunlight, pollution or dust.

 Wearing Face Primer skin tone looks even and blurs the gloominess of everyday and helps to give the natural glowing look .

Types of Primers 

According to different skin types there are various face primers, it depends on person to person. Here are some types of primers-

Illuminating Primers: Some primers contain glittering particles to give skin extra glow. These products are perfect for adding glow to makeup base and can even be worn on their own.  It helps filter the skin with a light golden sheen.

Mattifying Primers: For oily skin using  mattifying primer is most preferable. This product helps reduce shine and control sebum.

Colour-Correcting Primers: These tinted primers can be used to deal with any discolorations such as red, ashen, or sallow skin. 

Hydrating Primers: For dehydrated skin, it’s good to add an extra layer of moisture with a special primer. A hydrating primer will help to keep freshen and maintain good condition of the skin.

Pore-Minimising Primers: If there are  large pores and an uneven skin tone, consider a Pore -Minimising Primer to help reduce the appearance of pores and allow makeup to apply smoothly. 

How to select a primer ?

Primer should be selected according to the skin type. According to Dermatology, skin is 4 types. 

 If the skin is oily, one should choose a Primer  which will control extra shine & sebum production of skin. In that case, Mattifying Primers can be an ideal choice for oily skin.

For dry skin, one should look for a Face Primer which will give a dewy, glow finish. In that case,  Hydrating Primers  can be the best option for dry skin.

For normal skin, one can pick any form of Primer.

For Combination skin, one can choose powder Primer

 For Sensitive skin, one can choose Hydrating Primer

How to use it?

Face primer can be used in following two ways: 

Apply after Moisturiser : Its best if primer is applied after moisturising, simply taking a pea-nut sized amount using fingertips blend all over the face.

Buff with or over foundation: If Face Primer is used underneath the foundation , it can be buff on top. And also it can be mixed with primer and foundation both together for a sheer and glow.

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