Loose Powder

Loose Powder is a cosmetic product which is used for having a dazzling and shiny look. It’s an essential cosmetic product for those who have oily and combination skin.

It controls the excessive oil and helps to keep matte and finish look . Basically it is used after foundation to prevent it from melting and keep it set for a long time. 

Loose powders have different shades in the market . When choosing it ,  it’s good to pick a shade which is slightly lighter than skin tone.

This is because when the powder comes in contact with the oils on the face it can oxidise and look dark. So, to avoid that it’s good to choose light shade rather than skin tone.

Uses of Loose powder

Loose Powder can be used as a multitasking cosmetics product.  It not only keeps the foundation set for a long time , but if anyone wants to turn glossy lipstick into matte lipstick they can use loose powder . 

After priming eyes, some loose powder can be applied as a base for eye makeup to make sure the eyeshadow doesn’t crease and transfer.

Some of them can be placed under eye so that eyeshadow residue doesn’t ruin foundation.   

Not only oily skin , it can keep dry oily hair in check too. On greasy, bad hair days, loose powder can work the magic of a dry shampoo.

Sprinkling some translucent loose powder onto the scalp to strip the oil away for clean, oil-free hair.

How to apply Loose powder?

Firstly, shake the product to get the powder on the top. It’s better to use a large kabuki Brush for a complete look and powder puff for more coverage.

Tapping gently and applying Loose Powder sets the product. Apply the powder in the centre of the face and then sweep the rest all over the face.

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