Makeup Foundation

Makeup Foundation is a cosmetic product to create a neutral base on skin for makeup application. Base makeup is not possible without this cosmetic product. It makes the skin even and flawless. And covers the impression of fatigue and rust from the look.


Types of Makeup Foundation

Useful ingredients for skin care are now added to foundations and other makeup products.  As a result, it does not harm the skin but helps to keep it healthy. And the product is available in different forms now. Such as Liquid, Cream, Powder, Stick and Mousse foundation etc. You will find all of these types of authentic foundations of various brands at an affordable price at Water Lotus BD.  But before buying a foundation, it is important to have some basic idea about this product.


Liquid Foundation:

This is very easy to blend and use. For that reason, women became more comfortable with this product. It can be either water or oil based but they are always liquid in consistency.


Cream Foundation:

It is heavy in formulation. As it is cream based these can blend quite easily on the skin providing high coverage and hiding the skin flaws. These foundations are best suited for dry skin as the cream base adds enough moisture to the dry skin.


Stick Foundation:

This is suitable for all types of skin. It provides heavy coverage so one can use this in a party or festive time.


Powder Foundation:

It can easily absorb the excess oil of the skin without adding extra shine. This is also easy to blend. For these reasons this foundation works best for oily skin.


Mousse Foundation:

This is the latest popular foundation. It is a whipped cream-like consistency and does not dry out skin or make it oily. These foundations are light in weight, give medium coverage and can blend with skin easily. It’s preferable for daily use as well as occasional use.


How to Choose Makeup Foundation:

There are two ways to choose the right foundation. Such as- Choosing a foundation according to the skin tone and Foundation according to skin type.

Choosing a foundation according to the skin tone:

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a foundation is the skin tone. Types of foundation depend on skin tone, whether it is a bright or a dark skin. All brands have different shades available according to specific skin tones.  For example, the w7’s foundation shades include porcelain, rose ivory, ivory, natural beige, golden, hot chocolate and many more shades that have been created with individual skin tones in mind.  Makeup Revolution has foundations of many shades including F0.1, F0.2, F1, F2, c2, c3.  Using the wrong shade of foundation can ruin the whole makeup look.


Foundation according to skin type:

Just as not everyone has the same skin shade, not everyone has the same skin type.  Separate foundations are created with dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and mixed skin in mind.  People of oily skin usually get more relief by using stick foundation or powder foundation. It is preferable to look for matte finish and long lasting formula for oily and acne-prone skin. For those with dry skin, Liquid Foundation works best for full coverage. For combination skin, it has  to be slightly tricky because combination skin  has oily t-zone, while the rest of the face is dry. Start by applying a hydrating foundation all over the face and then applying a little bit of compact or loose powder over the areas that tend to get oily. And For sensitive skin it’s necessary to be careful about foundation selection as it’s uncertain which might give a reaction. Foundations that are enriched with natural and organic ingredients can be your option. It will help to protect the skin.

Consequences of using the wrong foundation:

Many of us buy foundation without understanding the skin type or without matching the skin shade.  Many people do not recognize the counterfeit product, they just buy it and start using it. But fake foundation can not give a full make-up look to the skin but arises various skin problems.  Acne can range from whiteheads to blackheads and leads to permanent skin damage.

How to Use Makeup Foundation:

  • Clean the skin with a suitable cleanser and start by applying a moisturiser and a primer.
  • Take a decent amount of foundation and blend it on skin with a brush or sponge.
  • Make sure there is no mark of foundation left behind after blending in skin.


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