Pressed Powder for a Beautiful Makeup

Pressed Powder helps to absorb excess oil from the skin. And it gives skin a smooth matte finish. The powder is available in the market in translucent or sheer form. It uses talcum as their main ingredients.

Benefits of Pressed Powder

Provides coverage to the face.
Helps to conceal blemishes and pigmentation.
Works for long-lasting makeup.
Could be used as a primary foundation also.
Easy to apply.

How to Choose Pressed Powder

For getting maximum benefits, you should choose them according to your skin tone and needs. For example, if you want to control oil or shine, use the translucent types.
On the other hand, go for a colour as close to your own natural skin tone.

How to Use Pressed Powder

Use a decent amount of the product on your face. Then blend it well. If you want to use it as setting spray, use a smaller powder brush. And use a larger powder brush for using it as foundation.

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