Lip liner in Bangladesh

Lip liner is a makeup product that works to outline the lips. It helps to outline according to the desired shape of your lips.

Benefits of using Lip Liner

It is one of the basic makeup kits . This makeup product prevents your lipstick from smudging and helps to last longer. It helps to make lipsticks stick to your lips. For keeping stick, outline the lips with liner and fill lipstick in it. Moreover you will get the actual colours of  lipstick.  Additionally this prevents lipstick from smudging and makes your lips bigger,fuller.  To create luscious lips, you have to match liner shade with your lipstick. You can have a bolder look by hiding your lip line using concealer. As well as, if you have thin and uneven lips, it can help you create a puckered-up look.

How to use Lip Liner

Try to follow  these rules to get the best results. 

Hydrate and exfoliate-

To get a smooth finish, it is necessary to keep the lips hydrated and get rid of dead skin before using lipstick.

Lay the base- 

Choose a liner that is of a color close to your lipstick to make it look natural.

Outline the lines-

Draw an ‘M’ shape slightly above your natural lip line, slowly and precisely.

 Line the bottom lip-

Keep your mouth wide open and tighten your lips while drawing to get the perfect finish.

Stroke to fill in

Now start filling in the upper and lower lip lines with short strokes.

Blend to even out-

If you’d like a matte look, simply apply some lip gloss and you’re done. If you want a stronger color, use a lipstick in the same shade all over your lips! Blend the color properly using a lip brush for an even finish

Clean the edges-

To finish the application, use cotton buds or the edge of a tissue to neaten the edges.

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