Lipstick is one of the most classic, impactful forms of cosmetic expression which makes you bold and beautiful. It is a makeup cosmetic product made with pigments, oils, waxes, and moisturizer that applies color, texture, and protection to the lips. It has been famous to men and women since ancient times. People used to color their lips using crushed  gemstones to extract colour from flowers and vegetables. Eventually  lip makeup progressed there are  hundreds and thousands of lipstick shades, formulas, and textures. Generally there are many types of lipstick with different texture and form .

Sheer or Satin Types

The sheer or Satin lipstick can moisturize your lips  providing  a lot of gloss and shine. These give a light color to your lips and less coverage. It is best for dry lips. 

Creamy Types

Creamy lipstick is a combination of satin and matte. It contains the hydration of a satin  and the look of a matte lipstick. Actually it has more coverage than sheer or satin types.

Matte Types 

Matte lipstick provides intense pigmentation and long time coverage. These are supersaturated and give a flat matte finish. It has a smaller amount of oil so it makes dry lips.

Glossy Types

This lipstick gives your  lips a wet or glass-like finish. Lip glosses have light density and also have a low staying power. It keeps your lips well hydrated all day long.

There are thousand types of shades of color lipsticks in the market in different price ranges . From lower price to higher prices according to quality . It’s important to choose your desired shade according to your budget. 

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