Contour Brush

Contour Brush is a large, flat-structured, artistry brush with densely packed bristles  for contouring along cheekbones, forehead, jawline and even on your nose. These are normally thinner than the powder brush. 

Benefits of choosing right Contour Brush

Choosing the right according to your skin and contour is the most important task.  How well it will apply and how well you will look depends on the tool you use. Right brushes help to make you confident about applying your product in a perfect way without leaving patches and breakouts. Contouring your face perfectly helps to define your cheekbones and create a sculpted look.

How to use Contour Brush

Always tap excess powder off the brush before applying it below your cheekbones or jaw. Position the brush with the bottom bristles facing the direction in which your hand is moving, so you’re working with the flow of the brush and not against it.

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