Foundation Brush

It is a tool used for applying foundation in your face properly. It is tough to choose the right foundation as well as brush to apply. Here we will help you to know about the benefits of the right brush, types and its availability in the market.

Benefits of choosing right Foundation Brush-

Choosing the right brush according to your skin and foundation is the most important task.  How well it will apply and how well you will look depends on the tool you use.

Right brushes help to make you confident about applying foundation in a perfect way without leaving patches and breakouts. Liquid and cream foundation both are easy to set on the skin.

Blending the foundation make-up with a brush gives a natural finish. It always gives you a high coverage finish and stays for a long time.

Types of Foundation Brushes-

In the market there are several types of brushes available. Here are some mentioned below according to their nature and usage-

Kabuki Brush

 It has a short handle and dense bristles with a rounded shape. They are great for powder foundation or any sort of powder makeup.

Flat top kabuki brush

It is a multifunctional tool that can be used to strip and buff liquid foundation onto the skin.

Stippling brushes

It has two layers of bristles and a blunt edge. The top bristles pick up the product you’re going to apply. The bottom layer helps to push the product into the skin.

Flat Brush

This brush gives a full coverage and allows you to use a paint-like technique for streak-free precision. 

Buffing Brush

It can be either synthetic or natural bristles  which can be densely packed together which enables you to evenly buff the product into the skin.

Oval Brush

The design of an oval brush is supposed to make it more comfortable to hold, while the compact bristles help create an airbrushed finish. The dense fibers of oval brushes have less fall out than traditional makeup brushes, so your product only goes where you want it.

Choose right Foundation Brush 

Its important to choose right brush for your makeup. It is more appropriate if you choose brush according to your foundation shade or type.

If you have a powder foundation, a kabuki brush is the perfect tool for you.

Flat top kabuki brush is a multifunctional tool that can be used to strip and buff liquid foundation onto the skin. 

For liquid and cream foundations Stippling brush is great for applying

For smooth application of primer, tinted moisturizer and cream/liquid foundation you can use Flat brush.

Buffing Brush is flat even shape makes it the perfect makeup brush for applying, blending and buffing liquids, creams or powders.

 To get perfect look Oval Brush is famous for blending liquid and cream foundation.

How to use Foundation Brush-

Using a brush perfectly is like an art. Here are some steps how you should use a brush-

  1. Firstly clean the face with your cleanser. 
  2. Clean brush is very important. So that the old leftover foundation doesn’t make your makeup cakey
  3. Dot your foundation in your face. So that in every place the foundation can cover.
  4. Blend the foundation in every direction using your brush. As a result you will get more flawless look.
  5. For better finish you can use a sponge also.

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