False Nails

False Nails are part of the latest fashionable trend. Those who are sad about their nails, or tense about breaking nails.

For them false nails are a relief. One can use false nails, color nails with colorful nail polish and feel beautiful.  

Benefits of using False Nails

False Nails are durable . The nail polish stays forever on them and they look pretty. It doesn’t damage your natural nails.

Moreover they protect natural nails from the damaging effects of enamels and other agents. They prevent your natural nail cracking.

Types of False Nails

There are many types of false nail polish available in the market. They are-

Acrylics Nails

Acrylic nails are made of a combination of liquid and powder that’s laid over your nail with a brush.

These are the most common fake nails in the market. They are strong in texture. Moreover they are flexible and durable. 


Gel nails are make in three-step process, which consists of brushing a base coat, nail polish, and top coat over your natural nails. With each coat, the nail is placed under a UV light for somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to cure (dry).

Once cured, the layer of gel polish hardens and won’t smudge like a regular nail polish. If you’re looking for all the great benefits of acrylic nails with a little less impact on the nail below, gel nails are perfect.

Gel manicures are smooth, chic, and very long-lasting, as the polish is cured under a UV lamp, which hardens it.


This combines two different types of nail polish application gel and traditional polish and they take the benefits of both.

Gel manicures provide plenty of durability, longevity, and protection during use, which you can expect from Shellac nails.

Traditional nail polish tends to deliver a truly shiny and classic design, and nail polish comes in many unique colors and styles.

How to use False Nails

  1. Wash your hands 
  2. Shape your natural nails.
  3. Match your nail size with fake nails
  4. Apply a small drop of glue on your natural nail and on the press-on nail.
  5. Press and hold for 30-60 seconds.
  6. Wash hands again. 

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