Nail Polish

Nail polish is a liquid makeup kit used to paint fingernails and toenails. Painting colourful nails is the latest trend. 


Benefits of using nail polish

It makes your hands look beautiful.  It contains vitamins and minerals without any harsh chemical substances. As a result, your nails will strengthen and clean the cuticles. Moreover this also prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. Some of the cuticle oils are applied after massaging the nails. So, in the process of massaging, the flow of blood increases. So, the strengths and the length of the nail also increase speedily. The people with unpleasant fingernails can also apply it.


How to use Nail polish

  1. Remove old polish using nailpolish remover. 
  2. Put base on your nails.
  3. Use a fine brush for defined outline around nail cuticles.
  4. Apply the product perfectly with care.
  5. Let it dry. 

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