Body washes are liquid skin care products. It is used to remove dirt, oil, sweet and other impurities from your skin during shower time. This is more gentle and hydrating than shower gels and soap bars. Its lower Ph makes the cleanser suitable for most sensitive skin also.

Benefits of Body wash
Less drying for the body
More hygienic than soap or shower gel
Lower Ph
Easy to apply & rinse off
Suitable for sensitive skin
Best for lather lovers

How to Choose Right Body Wash

It should be chosen according to your skin types and skin’s needs.
If you have oily skin, go for clarifying properties of enriched wash.
If you have dry skin, avoid harsh ingredients and go with something that is more moisturizing.
If you have acne-Prone Skin, go with something that contains salicylic or glycolic acid to gently slough off dead skin cells as well as keep pores clear.
If you have sensitive Skin, go with fragrances and dyes free moisturizing base wash.

How to Use Body Wash

Pour a decent amount onto a wet washcloth. Then, gently massage your body from the neck down with the washcloth.

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