Best Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a skin care product which helps to increase the strength of skin’s protective barrier. It is used to protect, lubricate as well as moisturise the skin. There are different types of moisturizer in the market. Such as cream based moisturiser, Gel based, water based moisturiser etc. But you should use them according to your skin type. Our online shop water Lotus has some best moisturizer collections for different skin types. You can buy your suitables ones at a good price from our  collection.

Best Moisturizer

Best Moisturizer for Oily skin:

For oily skin, you should use a moisturizer that will balance your skin’s oil and water proportion. And always avoid comedogenic ingredients which cause acne in oily skin.
In that case, gel base or oil free moisturiser would be the best option for you. For example- Simple light moisturiser, Neutrogena oil free refreshing clear moisturiser, Neutrogena hydro boost cream etc. can be the best option for getting a hydrated, blemish free and bright facial complexion.


Best Moisturizer for Dry skin:  For dry skin, it is better to choose water or oil enriched moisture in a lotion or creamy texture. For example, The Body shop vitamin E cream, Simple water boost cream etc. may be the right option for you to bring back the hydration and glamour to your dry skin.


Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, go for a moisture that will control shine in your T-zone and add hydration in the C-zone of your skin. In this case, the body shop seaweed gel cream, neutrogena combination skin moisturiser could be a good choice for you.


Best Moisturizer for Sensitive skin: For sensitive skin, you should go for a hypo-allergenic fragrance and any harmful chemical ingredients free moisture. Like Simple replenishing moisturizer, neutrogena clear and soothing moisturiser etc. works great on this types of skin


It is not only important to choose the right moisturizer but also needs proper use of it. You should use it after using cleanser.  Never use it above twice a day.