Cleanser is used to remove oil, dirt, makeup as well as environmental pollutants from skin. It not only cleanses the skin but also hydrates and soothes your skin. There are different types of cleansers in the market. Such as – cream type, foam type, clay type, gel type, water type etc. cleanser. Gel cleanser has gel consistency which works good to clear pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria from acne or oily skin.  Foam and clay types also work well on oily skin. Cream type is more hydrating and works good on dry skin. It cleanses without over stripping skin’s natural oils. On the other hand water types cleansers work good on all skin types. It offers effective cleansing as well keeps skin natural balance. This type has other facilities. You can use this with water or without water.

However, you can select your perfect cleansing item according to your skin type from our online shop Water Lotus. For example- Neutrogena water boost cleanser, simple charcoal detox cleansing stick, Aveeno foaming wash, Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion, Neutrogena clear and soothe cleanser, Garnier cleansing water, Simple cleansing oil, the body shop drops of light foaming wash, simple vital vitamin foaming wash etc. These are some good cleansers to fight against dryness, excess sebum, blemishes as well as any other skin irritations.