Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask is a thin sheet made of cotton, fiber, or cellulose which is infused with concentrated hydrating ingredients.

It is a serum-soaked cloth sheet that has holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Benefits of using Sheet Mask

This work for basic skin needs. If your skin feels parched or requires an instant glow or hydration boost, these masks can be one effective solution. There are other benefits also-

  • Increases ingredient absorption
  • Easy to use. They’re designed to shape your unique facial structure. 
  • This is Universally beneficial . It saves skin from anti-aging to redness.
  •  It can be a great addition to your post-treatment or post-peel routine. As these treatments can typically be drying, a mask can help rev up the skin’s hydration levels.

How to choose Sheet Mask

According to skin types, choosing the required product is necessary.  As our skin is different from one another. Here are some tips-

  • Oily Skin: Masks containing charcoal, retinol, or clay can help reduce pore size and also draw out any excess sebum in the skin.
  • Dry Skin: For both dehydrated skin and dry skin,  it can give good benefits. Look for water-based hydration—aloe, water, chamomile, ceramides, peptides, and glycerin are all hero picks.
  • Post-Sun: Sheet masks containing aloe and glycerine are great options.
  • Anti-Aging: for anti-aging benefits, look for ingredients like glycolic acid or lactic acid

How to use Sheet Mask

  1. Wash your face- It is mandatory to clean the face properly .
  2. Apply the mask and let it sit
  3. Apply a mask cover.
  4. Continue your usual skincare routine

Using this product once a week , one will get more benefit.

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