Fogg Aromatic Black Fragrance Body Spray for For Men, 120 ml

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About this item

  • An Evocative Body Spray: Fogg Fresh Aromatic is a perfume body spray that’ll make the center of attention wherever you go
  • Long Lasting Fragrance: One spray on your body and its aromatic fragrance will stay on you for long
  • Beat Body Odour: Forget body odour as its strong scent will outlast the smell of sweat
  • No Gas Deo: Fogg Fresh Aromatic contains absolutely no gas and is filled with 100% perfume liquid which makes it last longer
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One of the signature scents  of Fogg Perfume range, Fresh Aromatic Fragranced Deodorant Spray is a deodorant spray for all your occasions. It gives you the most exciting and exuberant aroma and freshness of unsurpassed quality and class; inducing the feeling of peace and pleasure within and around you. This fragrance is versatile so you can use it on all occasions, even on your casual days. It comes with a stylish bottle and components that give you attractive sense and good smell. The great simplicity of the bottle depicts the importance of the essences in the perfume’s appealingly elegant packaging. it’s an affordable & luxurious Perfume. The Fresh Aromatic Fragranced Deodorant is a great elaboration of Fresh fragrances. Fogg perfumes are the new way to wear your fragrance. Specially designed for your body, they spritz the right amount of fragrance. Consisting of refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, it ensures you 800 sprays. These products are useful and can be used anytime you feel your body needs a quick freshening up. Suitable for everyone, the perfume is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients. It offers fragrance lovers delicately nice divine aroma and could be an ideal gift.


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