Fogg Fantastic Dynamic No Gas Deodorant Spray for Men,150 ml

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About this item

  • FOGG FANTASTIC DYNAMIC – Make your presence felt with the exciting fragrance of Fogg Dynamic perfume body spray for men.; FOGG – India’s No. 1 Perfume Body Spray.
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE – A majestic scent that’s also intense and stays on you for a long time, making it the perfect long-lasting deo for men.
  • NO GAS DEO – This perfume contains no gas and is filled with 100% perfume liquid, making it a long-lasting deo.
  • MORE NUMBER OF SPRAYS – Each can of Fogg body spray gives you more sprays than regular gas deodorants.
  • Target Gender: Male
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Product description

Some men are naturally versatile, defying simple descriptions of their personalities. Confident and dynamic, these men deserve a deodorant that matches their multi-faceted nature. Introducing Fogg Fantastic Dynamic, a tantalising and long-lasting deodorant for men designed for today’s edgy and versatile individuals. With its no gas formula, each can of Fogg Dynamic offers more sprays than compared to traditional gas deodorants, making it the perfect choice for men. Furthermore, this perfume body spray’s higher concentration of perfume liquid ensures that it is long-lasting, effectively eliminating body odour. Its captivating fragrance is bound to catch the attention of everyone you encounter. Check out the Fogg Fantastic Series featuring must-have dynamic perfume body sprays for men. Elevate your style and make a lasting statement with Fogg, India’s No. 1 Perfume Body Spray.


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